Nov 9, 2016

Statement on Last Night’s Victory

Dave Severin, candidate for state representative in the 117th district, released the following statement today regarding last night’s election day victory:

“I am humbled to have received the trust of the voters. It will be my distinct honor to serve the people of the 117th district and Southern Illinois in Springfield. I thank everyone for their support, their votes and especially their prayers throughout this tough campaign.

Last night, the people of Southern Illinois sent a message to Springfield insiders and Mike Madigan minions. We say no more. No more reckless spending and unbalanced budgets digging us further into crippling debt. No more cronyism and corruption bread by career politicians spending decades in office. No more raising taxes to pay for the failed policies of the past. No more politics of personal destruction focusing on lies and deceit instead of the issues folks care about. No more. I said from the beginning that it’s time we stand up and take back our government. Last night, we did – and I thank God for that.”