Aug 15, 2016

Press Release: John Bradley Continues Lies in Latest Attack Ad


August 15, 2016



Desperate Men Do Desperate Things

Dave Severin Responds to the Latest Lie from Rep. John Bradley


In an attempt to rescue his struggling campaign, Representative John Bradley has taken to the airwaves to spread an outright lie to the people of Southern Illinois.


Bradley Lie:

  • Bradley’s latest ad claims Severin’s biggest “contributor” supports letting “25% of the state’s prisoners loose in our communities.”

Severin Truth:

  • In terms of organizations, Severin’s biggest contributor is the House Republican Organization.
  • In terms of individuals, Severin’s biggest contributor is Sue Hamilton of Carterville, a retired teacher and former Williamson County GOP Chair.
  • It would be news to HRO, the political action arm of the House Republican Caucus, and Sue Hamilton, that they support letting thousands of felons loose onto the streets.

You will notice that the ad doesn’t name this mysterious “contributor.” A campaign devoid of actual arguments must resort to making things up as Mr. Bradley has done here.


Bradley Lie:

  • The latest ad also claims that “Severin’s budget” puts the needs of convicted felons over those of the elderly and disabled.

Severin Truth:

  • Severin supported the same stop-gap budget that Bradley ended up voting for that both funded critical social services and kept the lights on at prisons.

One would hope Mr. Bradley doesn’t want to put correctional officer’s lives at risk by cutting off the electricity to prisons that keeps the lights on and the secure doors locked.


Dave Severin: “We are running a campaign about the issues. The issues that matter to voters of Southern Illinois. In contrast, John lying about me wanting to put thousands of felons onto the streets is both laughable and disturbing. I can’t believe I have to say this: but no, I do not want to release felons into our communities.


It is unfortunate that John Bradley’s desperation has spilled out onto the TV with his latest ad – and it’s only August. I urge John to stop lying to the neighbors we both share and talk about the real issues and our real records. I’m all for an honest debate.”


When campaigns spend thousands of dollars to spread blatant lies they must be held accountable. Southern Illinois will not stand for the politics of Lee Atwater and Willie Horton fame.