Oct 10, 2016

A New Path for Southern Illinois

Dear Friends,

There is no doubt that this is an important election for our country. I believe that this election is also critical in deciding which direction we go as a state. Even with the election of a new Governor in 2014, our state is stuck in an unprecedented stalemate. We have no balanced budget, no new reforms to create jobs, and no bi-partisan plan to address our pension debt. We are at a standstill. We are at a fork in the road and its time we decide which path we will take.

Throughout this campaign I have called for major changes in how Illinois does business, especially in who we send to represent us in Springfield. However, I don’t want to only earn your vote because I’m not John Bradley – I want to earn your vote because you believe in a better way, a better path for our home. That is what I hope to offer with my candidacy. I believe that a better path includes passing balanced budgets, having a real plan to create thousands of good paying jobs, term limits for career politicians and fully funding our schools.

After 13 years of Representative John Bradley’s reign, we know which path he has chosen. In 2011, he could have stood up for taxpayers or vote for a 67% income tax increase. Bradley chose Madigan’s historic tax hike that didn’t pay down the debt and drove people and businesses out of Illinois. In 2013, he could have stood up for teachers and state workers or vote for Madigan’s pension theft bill. Bradley chose to steal the retirement teachers had been promised. Over the last decade, Bradley could have stood up for children or cut school funding. Four times Bradley chose Speaker Madigan’s education slashing budgets. John Bradley has made his choice, and now it’s time we made ours.

Over the course of this campaign I’ve had personal conversations with thousands of Southern Illinoisans. I feel their hurt. I feel their worry that our home is slipping away. I feel their pain in working harder only to see their pocketbook get smaller. I feel their hopelessness for a better future for them and their children.

A New Path for Southern Illinois is my response.

Words matter, but folks need a real plan to fix this state. Over the next several weeks I will release plans for three major areas: More Jobs, Better Schools, and Government Reform. With hard work and a clear vision, we can bring back our state and Southern Illinois.

More Jobs – October, 17

Better Schools – October, 24

Government Reform – October, 31