Oct 17, 2016

A New Path: More Jobs

Illinois should have a booming economy. We can thank the career politicians in Springfield for holding us back. Illinois has the best transportation location of any state in America, the most fertile farms, hardworking people and an educated workforce. In order to create more good paying jobs, we can’t continue the failed policies of the last decade. Instead, we need to chart a new path for Southern Illinois.

The top three issues holding the economy back according to small businesses and manufacturers are:

  • Worker’s Compensation Costs
    1. Illinois has the 7th highest workers comp costs in the country.
    2. Workers comp costs 2, 3, or even up to 5 times as much in Illinois as it does in the states that surround us.
  • Regulation & Red Tape
    1. Simply put, Illinois is unfriendly to small businesses that want to grow or expand.
    2. Illinois is consistently ranked as one of the top 5 worst states in the country for business growth.
  • Property Taxes
    1. Illinois is second only to New Jersey for the highest property taxes in America.



Reducing Workers Compensation Costs

Twenty-nine states have a higher causation standard than Illinois. Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee recently passed laws requiring the workplace to be the primary cause for workers’ compensation to be compensable. Illinois should do the same. Illinois, with all of its other advantages, does not need to have the cheapest workers comp costs but we must be competitive with the states around us.

Eliminating Burdensome Regulations & Red Tape

As a small business owner, I understand the challenges of building a company here in Southern Illinois. The fact that Illinois has the 9th highest unemployment insurance costs in the country isn’t just a stat – my business lives it every year. Illinois must become more friendly to job creators by eliminating burdensome and unnecessary regulations from government. The coal industry, in particular, is being crushed by environmental regulations from Springfield and DC and a permitting process out of IDNR that can take years.

Controlling Property Taxes

The first thing we should do is implement a statewide property tax freeze. The only way it should be raised is through a local voter referendum. Long term, the best way to lower property taxes is to reduce the need for such high rates by growing the economy and increasing state support for education. Our schools have to rely too heavily on local property taxes to educate our children because Illinois is dead last in the country for state support for education. I will fight to change that.

Southern Illinois Priorities

Southern Illinois is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. It has amazing fishing, hunting, natural beauty and strong communities. This area should be thriving. I will fight to make the whole state better for business, but will also focus on issues important to us in Southern Illinois. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with coal miners against the attacks from radical liberal environmentalists. I will defend unions from the corporate agenda of “right-to-work” legislation and I will vote to keep prevailing wage laws in place. I will support the Resort at Walker’s Bluff, which will create thousands of good paying jobs before and after construction. And I will work tirelessly to promote this area to tourists as a destination region in the heart of America.

More Jobs – October, 17

Better Schools – October, 24

Government Reform – October, 31