Oct 27, 2016

John Bradley’s Real Record on Coal

Severin Pledges To Stand Up For Coal

Bradley Hasn’t Stood Up For Coal When It Counts – Passing Obama’s Coal-Killing Renewable Energy Mandate

Today, Dave Severin pledged to give Southern Illinois coal and Southern Illinois jobs the champion they have been lacking in Springfield.

Severin will be on the front line to fight Chicago Democrats’ attempt to impose a job-killing severance tax on Southern Illinois coal.

Severin also pledged to work with the Department of Natural Resources and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to simplify and accelerate the mine permitting process, so more mines can be opened quicker.

Severin will be a welcome change to John Bradley, who on the campaign trail claims to support coal, but in Springfield sponsored Barack Obama’s anti-coal mandates, legislation that is now killing jobs in Southern Illinois.

John Bradley was a sponsor of Illinois’ Anti-Coal Renewable Energy Mandate, which had the government mandate the use of wind power over coal.  

The result? Increased costs to coal plants and job losses.

It’s not surprising though, since John Bradley supported Obama for President, knowing how dangerous Obama would be for Southern Illinois and the coal industry.

“John Bradley has been pulling the wool over our eyes for the past thirteen years, claiming to advocate for Southern Illinois while voting to cut our jobs and raise our taxes. Unlike John Bradley, whose Obama-inspired renewable energy mandate is killing coal, I will fight to protect our hard-working people in the coal industry.” – Dave Severin