Meet Dave

Dave Severin was raised right here in the 117th district, living his whole life in Benton. He and his wife of 43 years, Penny, have lived in the same small ranch house on Mitchell St., for the last three decades where they raised their son. Dave and Penny, who is a retired school teacher, have two grandchildren and are members of Whittington Church.

A graduate of Benton High School and student of social work at John A. Logan Community College, Dave went on to work for his parents’ nursing home business, caring for patients’ needs and organizing their activities. After 20+ years in operation his parents sold the nursing home, and after much prayer and consideration, Dave decided to start his own business.

In a little more than 20 years, he took his small business from operating out of his garage, to a storefront on the Benton town square, to their current facility built in 2004. Dave proudly employs hardworking Southern Illinoisans and does business all over Southern Illinois as a custom embroidery and promotional products manufacturer.

Dave has served as State Representative since 2017, after defeating long-time Speaker of the House Mike Madigan’s favorite Democrat State Representative in November 2016. Since taking office, Dave has compiled a 100% pro-life voting record, standing up for the unborn and fighting against the expansion of taxpayer funded abortions.  Dave has also compiled a 100% pro-2nd Amendment voting record, standing against policies that violate our Constitutional rights. Dave favors eliminating the FOID Card, to put Illinois in line with 47 other states that have done the same. 


Dave is running for state representative because he believes the American Dream is slipping away from the next generation of Southern Illinoisans. He knows career politicians, Springfield insiders, and the Chicago Political Machine won’t come rescue us. It’s time to stand up and say enough is enough. Dave is standing – and ready to fight.